My dream is to make some of the stories in this site come to life through beautifully illustrated books. I know the perfect illustrator is going to be so I need to start putting some money together to make this dream come true.  

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Hi! I'm Lola 

How would I describe myself? At this moment i am mostly a mum, a seeker of truth and a storyteller. Stories to me are where it's all at, I have always lived in my imagination and stories have been my travel companions, when I tell a good story my whole body tingles. They hold our history, our patterns, our ways of knowing. They are the true guardians of our imaginations and where we can practise all our dreams, hopes and fears. They nurtures us, teach us, move us along and help us grow. We can try out who we want to be and what we definitely don't want in our lives. They help us to truly learn in an embodied way rather than just through our minds. That is why so many of the wise teachers throughout history taught through story, to get important life lessons under our skin, so we know with our heart rather than our mind. 

I am a mum of three and stories just pop up as a way to communicate with my children, I wish for them not to reinvent the wheel and start at the same point as me, I wish for them to take the baton where I"m at. I want to them to grow loving and understanding themselves as a starting point so they can love and care for the world around them. That is what has motivated me to share the stories that we love as a family. The amazing stories that I value as a mother and as someone who has always worked with people from different view points, teacher, social worker, massage therapist, language school director. But above all as someone who is constantly looking inside myself, learning, trying to grow and testing out different thoughts, ideas and teachings from all the wonderful teachers out there in the world.


I hope these stories, some are my favourites, some are my own, bring light, joy and clarity to your homes. Please do get in touch to share your thoughts, your stories, your questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please keep in mind I am not coming at this as being an expert at anything in particular but rather as someone who loves sharing, learning and is always working towards showing up in this world as the best version of myself at this time. 




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