Updated: May 23, 2020

A beautiful story to keep children engaged and mindful in nature.

Meet Capuchino, Capuchino is a guardian of nature, he has lived in forests around the world for so long that he blends in with the background and its almost impossible to see him in person. Luckily our very talented friend Rikke Rosbaek did see him once in Denmark years ago and shared with us this stunning image of him ( She said he was running around taking back bits of his bushy green beard that the birds pluck off him as a game and leave hanging around in trees. You can listen to the podcast about capuchino here.

Capuchino's beard or Old man's beard.

If you do walk around the forest you may have been near Capuchino yourself. This is what his beard looks like. Does it ring a bell?

Capuchino is keeping an eye on us humans to make sure we are respectful of nature and tread carefully in the forests. That we clean up after ourselves and don't take more than we need. It is also great if we can be grateful to the animals, trees and plants sharing their space with us.


Capuchino is always around to surprise us, when we look after the forest he will make sure there are great things on our way, a helpful walking stick, a beautiful butterfly to lead the way, the song of a bird to brighten our day.

However, when we are not respectful and careful Capuchino will make sure we realise what we are doing by scaring us a little. A little fear is great to make our senses become alert and aware of our surrondings, a wolf howling, a pinecone that falls on our head, a bear may walk right past us with a loud thomp thomp thomp.

And if you still don't listen??

“Do you feel a stubble growing?”

If you are still not listening after a few warnings and Capuchino feels you are not being mindful of the species and spaces around you despite him trying to nudge your behaviour in the right direction, you may be in for a big shock! Feel your chin for stubble as you may be starting to grow your very own bushy green beard that you will keep until he decides your lesson has been learnt!

Get Inspired

Listen to the Capuchino story in the podcast and go and and look for signs of Capuchino in nature. Every time you are out in the forest note in what ways you are being shown then wonders of the natural world and do think about your actions if you get a few warnings! Old Capuchino is always around looking for his beard too. Let us know if you see him!

After your walk in nature you can give each other a Story Massage based on The Old Man Capuchino - you can learn the symbols and movements here. You can either make your own massage movements whilst listening to the podcast or below is an idea of a possible sequence.

Old Man Capuchino Story Massage

Capuchino is a really old man (The walk)

He lives in the forest and looks after nature (The circle)

He likes it so much his beard has gone green and reaches his toes (the Fan Downwards)

All of the birds and all of the insects love Capuchino (the sprinkle)

They take bits of his beard and hang it (The bounce)

on trees all around the world (The Fan upwards)

So they make sure Capuchino comes to see them again and gets his beard (The walk)

If you are bad to nature (The wave)

Some angry bears and thunder will find you (The claw)

And if you are really really bad (The wave)

You might grow a green beard (The fan downwards)

If you are good to nature (The semi-circle ‘u’)

Capuchino will ask rabbits (The bounce)

and rainbows to surround you. (The semi-circle ‘n’ and circle)

And if you are really really good to nature (The semi-circle ‘u’ )

The sun will always shine on you (The calm )

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