Updated: May 21, 2020

Annoying siblings and friends are a great way to practice and learn how to deal with ourselves!

Here goes an amazingly useful well kept secret: You may not have a little sister, a pesty brother, an annoying cousin or a noisy pet. But the trick is always the same; when someone who loves you wants your attention, if you push them away they just come back stronger and bug you, so the trick is that sometimes you just have to hold them for a minute, ask what they need and then, they will move swiftly on to do their own thing. Learn how to do it from the podcast.

Can we use this new skill elsewhere?

Yes! There is something even cooler you can do with this knowledge! The same theory works for any feelings you have that bug you and you want to get rid of. The more you try pushing feelings away, the stronger they get, they just keep coming back.

So when you are feeling something you don't like, here are your MAGIC STEPS:

1. Give it a name. It can be a name other people use or you can make your own name. For example, you can say "I'm feeling angry" or "i am feeling scared' or "i am feeling annoyed" OR you can say "I'm feeling a spindle coming on" or "here come my twirly bombs". You just make up your own names.

2. Then you notice where it is in your body. Is it in your chest? Is it in your throat? Under your chin? Stuck behind your knee? Did it go into an ear?

3. What shape and colour does it have? Is it pink and wobbly? Or quite hard and blue?

4. Then you can imagine that feeling is a pesty little sister, the more you push it away, the more it comes back stronger, so you need to sit with it. You give it some time, you talk to it, you can listen. Does it need anything? Maybe it needs to you ask for help, or find a friend, or draw an amazing picture of it. Maybe it just wants to cry a bit with you or wants you to run around the garden so you can losen it up and shake it out.

Once that is done, the feeling can GO AWAY and relax you see! The feeling has done its job and then it should move along and let you be until the next time it needs your attention. By then you will know what to do!

Give it a go.

Make sure you listen to the podcast "Pesty little sister" to know exactly what to do!

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